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To create a high quality, profitable weekly Samoan newspaper that provides its community with independant, entertaining, informative, provocative coverage examing local and overseas issues and events in a visual striking format.


The Samoa Times, is dedicated to encourage and revitalise the joy of reading for the Samoan people. The publication’s aim is to attract and stimulate new readership from those who are already regular readers and those who have never read for recreation before.

The quality of editorial, visual impact and strong sense of Samoan ownership is designed to capture the reader’s interest in a sustained manner that generates increasing circulation within the Samoan community.

The Samoa Times delivers comprehensive news and visual coverage of events important to the Samoan community.  The newspaper is focused on issues that affect and interest Samoan people.

Our purpose is to inform, create awareness and positively influence our readers to improve their general welfare and promote better living within our readership. International news, sports, education, entertainment as well as social and economic issues will be some of the regular components of each week’s editorial.

Samoa Times brings news from home that is current and anything important to Samoan people is published immediately.  The newspaper has a team of bilingual editorial staff who ensure that content is delivered within a Samoan context and in the most appropriate level of the Samoan language.

In addition to the advantages of publishing in the indigenous language of your target market, bilingual advertising content is available to the advertiser wishing to reach the emerging generation of New Zealand born Samoans who enjoy significant disposable income levels.  The advertising and advertorial content of the publication also strategically targets and meets the increasingly demanding purchase power of the Samoan community.

Samoa Times is affiliated with Radio Samoa and is promoted using this partnership link. Events and advertising in the newspaper is promoted on the radio station daily. This maximizes the advertisers opportunity to receive maximum target market coverage.

Samoa Times is a weekly publication circulated and sold at over 300 outlets and shops throughout New Zealand and Australia

In a 40-page tabloid format the publication has a balanced content mix of news and editorial, illustrative material and corporate advertising.  The Samoa Times has a sharp and professional look; this is achieved because a company who possess expertise in print composition produces all aspects of design and layout.

A division of Samoa Multimedia Group Ltd