Happy 21st Birthday Seuila Lepitia Mere Pouesi!

Happy 21st Birthday to Seuila Lepitia Mere Victor Pouesi. Seuila is the eldest daughter of Reverend Victor & Salome who are currently serving the Puaseisei EFKS church in Magele i Sasae.

Seuila came up to Auckland from Otago University where she is in her 2nd year of studies, to celebrate her birthday with family & friends and most importantly her congregation.

MC for the night was her uncle Semo Sititi, who managed to keep all the guests entertained.

We wish you a very Happy Birthday Seuila and may our loving Lord continue to bless you in everything you do and everywhere you go.

With all our love and blessing EFKS Magele i Sasae, your friends, family and Muliagatele Anastasia & Danny Tanuvasa. The Birthday Girl with her parents, Rev Victor Pouesi and wife Salome Pouesi